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A business documentary video can be a short documentary that tells about the history of the company and its corporate values. It can also track the development of a project or process over a period of time. Its idea is to excite the viewer, involve him emotionally and intellectually and make him empathize with the idea behind the video. We present to you two short documentary videos that we made for Sofia Zoo, on the occasion of the renovation of the brown bear’s hut, as well as for the largest Bulgarian wine producer, Domaine Boyar, on the occasion of the artistic transformation of their production base.

Video business card – irreplaceable marketing weaponе!

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video business card from the MOTION MEDIA team

Filming professional video business cards is one of our strengths. We usually work as a team with our clients to analyze the most important information about their businesses, then to present it in the most well thought out and structured way possible. Through a proper combination of shots, music and voice-over, we can achieve different suggestions, according to the nature of the professional we are working for. The moods in the created clips can be varied – from serious and epic to slightly more fun or even humorous as in the video above. Make an inquiry now so we can bring your video business card to life as soon as possible!

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