Product video

Corporate video - the face of every business!

The classic product video we’re used to seeing in TV commercials will likely evolve as technology advances, but the need for it will never diminish. Product videos are used for both TV and online advertising and have proven to be the most successful way to promote a product. If a picture can say a thousand words, a product video can say millions in just a few seconds. It is a video that shows the product in its best light and highlights its features in the context of the brand identity.

документално видео за вашия бизнес

Usually, these videos range from 6 to 60 seconds, so that they fit into the airtime format or those of social and streaming platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or Tik Tok. When shooting a product video, our team will make a free adaptation to the screen proportions for each platform (1:1, 3:4, 4:3, etc.) for you, so you can start selling right away. Watch a product video we made for the Bulgarian brand Bubble Bed.

Watch a short video featuring selected footage from video productions we’ve shot, with summarized facts about digital video content today.

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