Corporate video

Corporate video - the face of every business!

It tells about the story behind the company, about its culture and values. Through a well-thought-out and structured corporate video, you can not only attract the attention of a larger target audience, but also impress upon them your authority over the competition. A corporate video is an opportunity to deepen the emotional connection with your customers by showing them that your company does not just offer products and services, but is staffed by real people who think and feel. Target the message in your video to the relevant target audience and show them in a human way how your products and services solve real problems in their lives. This way you will win and keep on your side.

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The corporate video – your business card!

It not only reinforces your company identity and contributes to your brand recognition, but helps build greater trust with your current and potential customers. The step of boldly going out in front of the world and declaring in a video „This is who we are and this is our ideology and values“ can not only be a turning point in the success of your business, but also fill your employees with confidence that they work in a great place , and from there on their performance level to improve. It’s time to step out of the shadows!

The corporate video – an irreplaceable marketing weapon!
  • Helps with search engine rankings
  • Increases the click-through rate of your advertising emails by up to 70%
  • It helps to establish the brand
  • Call 2 action – leads to direct sales after viewing
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Corporate video from the MOTION MEDIA team

Shooting professional corporate videos is one of our strengths. We usually work as a team with our clients to analyze and structure the most important information about their businesses, then to present it in the most well thought out and structured way possible. We work very analytically and with an eye for detail, thus ensuring that every single second of the videos we create falls into the top ten. Through a proper combination of shots, music and voiceover, we can achieve different impressions, according to the nature of the company we work for.





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